The BT Factor

Work on your strengths – Hire your weaknesses

Living the Dream: Imagine the company with the right people in the right seat.  Imagine managers with the tools and information to lead and grow the team to its peak performance and potential.  Imagine a company that people love to come to work for.  Imagine a team that understands and is engaged in the vision, the mission, the goals and their role in it.  Imagine.  The BT Factor can make it reality.

Get the Hiring Right from the StartGetting the people part right is critical to making the vision a reality.

Employee Challenges:  Have you got them?    dreamstime_s_5540668

The Sticky Stuff:  They can ruin the day. HR-911 calls to Barbara can assist managers and CEO’s to ‘nip them in bud’.

Think the company is too small for HR?  The smaller the company, the greater the need to get the people part right.  A small company needs to get the most out of each employee.  A wrong hire can ruin a small company.

Don’t think you can afford HR support? Working with a HR professional will not negatively affect the fortunes of a company; hiring the wrong person will! Calculate the loss to the company when the wrong employees are on the team.  A company can’t afford NOT to have HR counsel and services. The BT Factor has solutions. businessman pointing to chart